Make A Payment . . .

        Welcome to the NEW Friars Cove payment page.  On-Line payments are no
  longer being accepted.  All payments must be dropped off in the form of personal
  check,  cashiers check or cash.  For Lodge rentals we only accept cash or cashiers
  check.  E-Mail lodge Secretary David Calabrese for cash or check drop-off
  information.  E-Mail :

  Friars Cove Equity Membership : $1,000.00
This is a one time payment to become fully vested in the Friars Cove Lodge, Inc.

  2015 Friars Cove Membership Dues : $800.00
  In order to remain in good standing with the Friars Cove Lodge, Inc., this yearly
  payment must be paid in full be Memorial Day weekend.  Special consideration may
  only be made with the approval of the lodge board.

  Extra Pool Guests :
Members with more than 5 guests must pay $4.00 to the life guard on duty.  You can
  have 5 extra guests per day.  Pool rules and regulations are located on the Pool &
  Facilities page in .pdf format for download.

  Special Event Ticket(s) :
Throughout the year, the Friars Cove Lodge, Inc. hosts events for members and
  non-members.  Payment amounts will be posted on the events page

  Donate To The Lodge :
Keeping up the lodge grounds and pond area helps everyone's property value.  If
  you are a visitor to our site and live in Friars Cove,  please consider making a
  donation.  Remember,  Friars Cove is not only a family community but a serious